Chobotical was a Chobots Private Server from March 2014 to 24 December, 2014 when all worlds closed and the game was suspended. It was created by Sugarfruit Studios.

Events Edit

Staff Edit

  • Thomas - Chief Administrator, Community Developer
  • Voice - Administrator, Game Developer
  • Spirit - Community Manager, Support Rep.
  • Neptune - Lead Designer, Game Artist
  • Lion - Game Artist
  • Phil - Head of Support, Game Developer
  • Jesolo - Support Rep.
  • Mimzy - Support Rep.
  • Dean - Support Rep.
  • Blik - English Moderator
  • Hayley - English Moderator
  • Silicon - English-Arabic Moderator

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Rules Edit

Inappropriate LanguageEdit

Chobots is a family-friendly game. Therefore, we do not tolerate any swearing or cursing on the game nor the community. Basically, if you wouldn’t say it in front of your parent, teacher, or any other adult, do not say it on Chobots. A chat ban will be issued to your account.

Sexual InterpretationEdit

We absolutely do not tolerate any sexual actions to be taken on Chobots. This includes language and other content.

Extreme DiscussionEdit

Though we do believe in and enforce freedom of speech, we will not allow discussion of extreme topics. This includes primarily religion and racism. This is to prevent serious outburst and offense.


Because spamming is a large nuisance to the users (and our servers), it will not be tolerated. This includes flooding messages with random characters.

Advertising and LinkingEdit

To protect the safety of our users, we do not allow any advertising or linking on Chobots. However, you are allowed to advertise a Chobots-related website or web page.


Scamming users is strictly forbidden. All trading should be equal, unless the other person thinks otherwise.