Chobots is an MMORPG browser game by Vayersoft, headquartered in Ukraine. Chobots is a free online family game which is based on interaction and communication. It is a fun and exciting game filled with lots of mini-games. You earn money from these certain mini-games. 'Money' is also referred to Bugs (the currency of Chobots). You can also buy an assortment of clothes with your money as well. It also has live moderators who keep the game safe. There are also agents which normal players can become who also keep this virtual world safe. Some chobots knew alot of information about Chobots, and wanted to educate the Chobots like on a book, so they started... Here you can chat and party with friends, play collaborative games, collect over 1400 different items and even more - make Chobots magic which you can't find anywhere else.